Lessons learnt …

Posted by Liz

The 2015 garlic harvest is approaching at a rapid rate of knots – so I thought it would be great to take a moment and reflect on all that we have learnt over the last twelve months … and, by crikey, it has been a lot …

How to care for your garlic

Posted by Liz

Now that the Australian garlic harvest season is in full swing, we thought it timely for a little reminder on how to care for your delicious Australian grown garlic.

Just who is Spotty Dog?

Posted by Liz

Since the launch of our wine based pastes and marmalades (and soon to come, mustards), and with an exuberant, bounding "dog" logo, several customers have asked – just who is Spotty Dog?

Spotty Dog makes an entrance

Posted by Liz

I am embarrassed to realise it is nearly two months since I last wrote a snippet.  Cold mornings, dark early evenings, busy days of vineyard maintenance and school holidays have all combined to make the days distinctly shorter than I remember.

Graziers alert – it’s a tad chilly

Posted by Liz

Brrrrrr … there is a distinct nip in the air. Snow is predicted on the Barrington’s – the horses’ coats have fuzzed up like rabbit fur and they are now rugged at night – the oilskins have been unpacked – homemade pumpkin soup and garlic bread is back on the menu – Spot and Cheeky squabble over prime position in front of the hearth - winter is definitely looming.

Time to light the fire … or should we say “fires”.


Posted by Liz

The garlic is planted!

All 7,000 cloves (give or take a dozen) with no major incidences – asides from the unexpected green-ant-down-the-shirt episode that almost ended in mid-paddock nudity.  Hilarious, apparently, if you weren’t the bite-ee.