Hunter valley produced wine pastes

Perfect for your cheese platters or an indulgence on the side

What a journey.  Craig and I bought our Shiraz vineyard in 2012, planted garlic and harvested grapes.  A fabulous combination that rapidly introduced us to many friends.

Spotty Dog sprang from two directions – our vineyard manager asked, in a moment of pruning, what to name the vineyard … and we bought a Shiraz/Apple paste for a friends BBQ.  Spot, the dog, was playing underfoot during pruning so the vineyard automatically became Spotty Dog Estate … and the Shiraz/Apple paste tasted wholly like apple, without the Shiraz.  We immediately realised we “could make better”

Spotty Dog Paste was born.

After much experimentation, Spotty Dog Pastes launched at Handmade in the Hunter Markets with great success.  Spotty Dog Paste is now a favourite at several cellar doors and Wine Country Information Centre.  We are distributed throughout the Gold Coast, a Gift Basket /Bottle Shop in Newcastle and a specialised Moscato Gift Basket marketer in Sydney.

With 10 flavours on offer we are more than happy to discuss further distribution – or even send a small package for personal use..  Made from 100% Australian ingredients.

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For amazing, organically grown garlic, please contact Adam and Karina at Valley View Farm.


Winner of Gold Medal at Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2016

Winner of Silver Medal at Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards

Winner of Silver Medal at Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2015